How it Works

Use the Omega Reflector as a traditional reflector to fill in shadows with the white, silver or sunlight side or create drama and depth using the black side.Create dynamic beauty lighting and a hair light using nothing but window light and the Omega Reflector.Instantly produce a main light and back light/hair light with the sun, creating soft, even beauty lighting for flawless looking skin.Have you ever found it difficult to avoid getting your reflector in your shot? Not anymore with the Omega Reflector.

Convert unflattering cool light to create dynamic beauty lighting and a hair light with a single speedlite in open shade.

Use the diffuser as a portable soft box or create a smaller more dramatic light quality with the black shoot through configuration.

Soften harsh sunlight shining through a window by quickly mounting the reflector using the included suction cup.Create shafts of light for unique portraits.

The Omega Reflector is the easiest and most affordable way of producing professional beauty lighting.

Block unwanted light to add shadows and drama.

Soften and reflect the harshness of a flash outdoors with the look and luxury of a beauty dish and a ring flash, creating a front light and a hair light.